• Jigsaw Blades Reference Guide

  • Jigsaw and sabresaw blades for wood - laminates - metal - plastic.

    High quality Jigsaw Blades available in a range of blade styles and materials, suitable for a wide range of cutting applications.


    Blade Geometry

    Sintered BladesMSS -
    Milled and Side Set Teeth

    This is the basic tooth pattern used on the entry level blades. A quick but fairly rough cut into wood, plastics and non-ferrous metals such as aluminium.

    Sintered Blades

    GSS -
    Ground and Side Set Teeth

    Cutting blades for use in wood.

    Sintered Blades

    GTG -
    Ground and Taper Ground Teeth

    These top quality blades give a clean, quick cut in both wood and plastic.

    Sintered Blades

    MWS -
    Milled and Wavy Set Teeth

    This pattern is used to give a fine, straight cut. It appears on wood cutting blades such as the AHW12 (T119B) and the metal and plastic cutting AMG11 (T118A).

    Sintered Blades

    SSS -
    Side Set and Sharpened

    This configuration gives a fast, medium cut and is used on blades such as the AHGS14 (T144D).


    Special Blades

    1. Reverse Cut
    These blades have the tooth pattern reversed so that they cut on the downstroke rather than the upstroke. This prevents the splintering of decorative surfaces, such as kitchen worktops. The Addax AHC12R (T101BR) and the bi-metal AHC12Rbi (T101BRF) have this pattern.

    2. Curve Cut Blades
    These blades have a reduced blade depth to allow them to perform curved cuts more easily. The Addax AHGS24 (T244D), AHC12K (T101AO) and AHW12K (T119BO) are examples of this type.

    4. Extra Thick Blade
    Jigsaw blades tend to curve slightly sideways when cutting thick wood. To compensate for this, the Addax AHC14D (T101DP) is made from a thicker plate to resist these forces.


    Jigsaw Blade Material Types

    1. High Carbon Steel (HCS)
    High quality carbon steel for use with softer materials, such as hard and soft wood, plastics and laminated boards.

    2. High Speed Steel (HSS)
    Hardened high speed steel designed to cut hard materials such as mild steel, aluminium and other non-ferrous metals.

    3. Bi-Metal (BIM)
    Combining the flexibility of an HCS body with an HSS hardened cutting edge, resulting in a tough, shatter resistant blade which keeps its edge. Longer service life leads to greater cost effectiveness per blade.



    Jigsaw Selection Charts

    Jigsaws for Wood and PlasticJigsaws Metal and Plastic

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