Technical FAQs


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How fast do I need to drill into mild or stainless steel?

Please refer to the RPM drilling chart. Click Here


What are the suggested RPM guidelines for TIMco carbide-tipped rotary rebar cutters?

Please refer to the RPM guidelines chart. Click Here


I have been using the Shield Protector for 3 to 4 weeks and when I lifted it, a resin was left behind. How do I clean it off?

Refer to the recommended cleaning regime for Shield Protector.
For green shield protector on hard-surfaces and blue shield protector on glass, use Methylated Sprit and clean lint free cloth as the sprit will evaporate after use.
For the yellow shield protector on carpets; use only carpet and upholstery cleaners designed for use with the type carpet you have installed, i.e. synthetic or polyester as applicable. Not for use with wool or oriental carpets.


Why are my stainless steel window screws magnetic?

The stainless steel window screw is manufacturered from a grade of steel (A410) which has 10% carbon content. 
The screw is identifed by a circle and a dot on the head showing it is made from A410 stainless steel.


What screw do I need for a metal reinforced window frame?

First ask what type of reinforcement is installed, then refer the customer to our current 120, 423, 150, 183 and 230 ranges.
120 range screws come in zinc & yellow, plain zinc and stainless steel and have a spaced thread for quicker insertion. The first 3 sizes have a ribbed head which bites into the PVC and has better holding capability.
150 range screws come in zinc & yellow, plain zinc and stainless steel and have a metric thread for slower insertion and will help with holding capability.
183 range comes in zinc & yellow only and has a twin high/low thread design to assist with biting into the material.
230 range comes in zinc & yellow, zinc only and stainless steel, it has a metric thread for slower insertion with an hexagonal locking feature under the head.
423 range comes in zinc only, it is a spaced thread screw of a large size and is used to repair existing spaced thread 120 screws.


What is the physical thread length of a typical self-drilling screw?

The length of the thread is nominally 1mm less than the size quoted on the box. For instance; L70B would have a thread length (minus the 8mm drill point) of approximately 62mm.


How long are your Tek screws salt spray tested for in accordance with ASTM B117?

All roofing screws are tested for the duration of 504 hours, all reports obtained from the 3rd party laboratory can found in the technical section.


What resin can I use in wet areas?

Vinylester Styrene Free (VESF 410) only for wet area application.


What resin can I use for man made beam applications?

The man made beams partically glulam type beams. it is not reccommended to bond the glass fibre rods using TIMCO PE or PESF resin. When gluing timber to plastic the recommended method is to apply a slow to cure 2 pack structural epoxy glue with a 105 grade Epoxy coupled with a 206 grade hardener. This is because the glulam beam has bonded-in glass fibre reinforced polymer (GFRP) rods.


Can I use a Classic screw into aluminium?

No, any carbon steel fastener which comes into contact with aluminium will cause a bi-metallic reaction, resulting in corrosion. Therefore TIMco strongly recommend a stainless steel fixing in all aluminium applications.


Are the protective films flame retardent?

No, protective films are manufactured from poly-ethylene plastic film with an adhesive backing, this will melt and produce fumes if exposed to combustion sources.