• Our Latest 'How To' Videos

  • As a supplier of fixings, fastenings and power tool accessories, and with a wealth of expertise at our fingertips, we felt it was time we channelled this into releasing a set of our own "how to" videos to clearly demonstrate how customers and end users can get the most out of our products. 

    The videos feature our own training managers, giving clear and valuable advice on specific products, providing both our customers and end users with a clear and concise ‘how to’ instructional video. 

    Alongside the videos, we have a new, dedicated training department at TIMco to train and teach both our staff and our customers as to the best way to use our products to maximum benefit.

  • Welcome to another TIMco's "How To Tuesday" Todays guide is on the In-Dex Heavy Duty Timber Screw. This hex head, heavy duty timber screw, is the modern alternative to the traditional Coach Screw.

    Extremely quick and easy to use, the In-Dex negates the need to pilot drill, and the Exterior plating allows for use in external environments.


  • Multi-Fix Stella Fixings

    Stella is a rapid heavy duty fixing, predominantly for applications into plasterboard, but is also very effective when fixing to block, concrete and brick.

  • TIMco's Drywall Fixings

    I’m going to be showing you how to select the best fixing for your particular job and how to use them properly to guarantee the best possible results after finishing.

  • C2 Decking Screw

    A Premium decking screw using our patented C2 twin cut technology. Coated with a multi-layer corrosion resistant plating to withstand up to 1000 hours salt spray testing. Our new and innovative design enables the screw to rapidly penetrate the timber, cleanly countersink and securely clamp the decking board to the joists.


  • TIMco's ADDAX Diamond Drill Bit

    Today’s Today’s video is all about plastic plugs. At TIMco we regularly get asked where should a plastic plug be used and how to use one properly. So after watching this video, you should have all the information you need. Including all of the benefits of using our new premium plugs.


  • TIMco's ADDAX Diamond Drill Bit Today’s

    In today’s How To Tuesday, we're going to be showing you how to drill holes into tiles using our range of ADDAX wet and dry diamond drill bits.

    They’re specifically designed for drilling clean holes into hard materials, especially tiles and even grade 5 porcelain, marble and granite.

    Watch this video to find out how to drill the cleanest hole and prolong the life of your ADDAX diamond drill bit.

  • ADDAX SDS Rebar Cutter

    Today’s How To Tuesday is all about our range of ADDAX SDS Rebar Cutters. They’re designed for quickly drilling in-situ reinforcing bars embedded in concrete. Watch this video to see how to use one properly and how to prolong the lifespan of a rebar cutter..

  • Multi-fix Concrete Screw

    In today’s How To Tuesday, We're going to be talking about our TIMco Multi-fix Concrete Screw. The modern alternative to traditional masonry fixings, simply drill a hole and insert this versatile fixing. Ideal for fixing into brick, concrete, block and wood..

  • TIMco's Multi-Fix Resin Heavy Duty Anchoring System

    In today’s How To Tuesday, We're going to be talking about our TIMco Multi-fix Resin heavy duty anchoring system. What it is, how to use it and giving you a few quick tips on getting the best possible fixing into concrete and masonry.

  • TIMco's Metal Expansion Plug

    They’re an all steel expansion fixing for light aggregate. Designed specifically for use with wood and chipboard screws, so don’t require any special fixings to install. As there are no plastic components, they are perfect for installing gas pipes, water pipes and conduit cable brackets. .

  • Holesaws

    Holesaws are designed to rapidly cut a clean hole into timber and sheet metal using a powertool. This video explains what they are, what they do and how to use them.

  • TIMco Drop-In Anchors

    A heavy duty fixing for attaching threaded bar and bolts to concrete. Typically used when hanging cable trays from ceilings. This video shows the simple installation steps in detail.

  • Zip-Fix Cavity Wall Fixing

    This plasterboard anchor is by far our fastest, strongest and easiest heavy duty fixing to use. 

  • TIMco Shield Anchor

     A range of traditional heavy duty expansion anchors for fixing to Concrete, Stone and Brick. This video shows the simple installation steps in detail.

  • TIMco Self-Tapping Screws

    They’re designed to attach to metal, or to stitch sheet metal together. They do require a pre-drilled hole to work properly. For more information on the range, watch this video.

  • High Performance Auger

    Today we’re talking about our NEW Japanese auger bits and showing you how to use them. High performance Auger bits specifically designed to drill a clean hole into all natural woods. This high quality drill bit will easily out perform a standard Auger bit in lifetime and performance.

  • Grip-It Plasterboard Fixing

    The heavy duty, easy to use and versatile fixing range for all plasterboard types, including dot and dab installations. Here’s Neil & Mac to show you how simple they are to install, with three simple steps…Drill, Tap & Turn.

  • TIMco Nail-In Anchors

    A rapid light duty hammer-set anchor for attaching brick ties, conduit clips, signs, drywall track and much more to concrete or masonry. Click here to see the three simple installation steps in detail.

  • TIMco Wire Hangers

    The all metal, non-flammable design means that they are a professional solution for hanging suspended ceilings from concrete.They’re very easy to install, just three simple steps give an extremely strong fixing. Click here to see the toss required for installation and each step in detail.

  • TIMco Ceiling Anchor

    A light duty, permanent fixing for attaching suspending ceilings, pipe clips and perforated straps to concrete. Here we show you how quick and simple they are to install. 

  • TIMco Stitching Screw

    Designed to stitch two pieces of thin sheet metal to each other. Ideally suited for working with roofing sheets and building cladding. Each screw has a tapered shank to pull the two pieces together, and an EPDM washer to prevent water ingress.

  • FirmaHold Fuel Cell

    Today’s How To Tuesday shows you how to remove the transport cap from our FirmaHold Fuel Cells, ready for using with both Framing & Finishing nailers.

  • TIMco Throughbolt

    A torque controlled through fixing for use in a wide range of heavy duty anchoring applications into concrete. There are 5 simple steps to installation, all explained here…and more..

  • TIMco Multi-Fix Masonry Screw

    A Light duty masonry fixing, designed specifically for attaching ironmongery and other general applications such as security lights and hand rails.
    This video will explain the two simple steps for installation and highlight the benefits of using our Masonry Screws as an alternative to traditional masonry fixings.


  • TIMco Multi-Fix Bolt

    This stress free, non-expansion through fixing is the new solution for heavy duty anchoring into concrete, brick, stone, wood and concrete block. The unique patented concave thread design taps its own thread and provides a rapid, low torque installation with exceptional pull out resistance. Available in three head types: Hex, Pan & Countersunk and plated with TIMco Micro Technology, the Multi-Fix Bolt is perfectly suited for fixing various applications into internal and external environments.

  • Wing Tip Self- Drilling Screws

    Specifically designed for attaching timber to light and heavy duty steelwork, with two wings that ream out the timber. Eliminating the need to pre-drill.

  • C2 Decking Screw

    A Premium decking screw using our patented C2 twin cut technology. Coated with a multi-layer corrosion resistant plating to withstand up to 1000 hours salt spray testing. Our new and innovative design enables the screw to rapidly penetrate the timber, cleanly countersink and securely clamp the decking board to the joists.

  • C2 Tongue-Fix Flooring Screw

    A NEW addition to our C2 range of woodscrews. Specially designed for attaching tongue & groove panelling. It provides a secure, hidden fixture without causing damage, allowing a flush fit with the next board. 

  • TIMco Metal Speed Plug

    A light duty anchor for attaching items up to 9kg onto plasterboard. In this example we installed the product into 12.5mm standard plasterboard, giving a strong hold ideally suited for light shelving, mirrors and picture frames.
    The clue is really in the name, "Speed" and that's one thing that this plasterboard fixing has plenty of. Simple screw the cutting points into the surface and let the deep coarse threads bite into the plaster, giving a really firm hold.

  • Hammer In Plasterboard

    This expanding metal plug is a light duty plasterboard fixing, ideal for hanging picture frames and other fixtures up to a weight of 10kg. 
    It's extremely easy to use and brilliant when you need to decorate. Simply remove the screw and paint over the face of the fixing, when the decorating has finished, simply place the fixture and screw back into the metal plug.