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The Benefits Of Stainless Steel

For some tradesmen or amateur DIYers, selecting the right tool for the job can be a challenge in itself. Questions such as does that fastener have enough strength to hold firm, is this the right type of fixing for the job or even is there an easier way to do this? These are all questions asked over the counter in many builders’ merchants across the UK, but one question that should also be asked is what’s the best material to use for the application?

Each material or coating comes with its ow [...]

Business After Brexit

There’s no doubt that Britain’s decision to leave the EU was one of the biggest in recent political history and one that’s likely to continue to dominate both business and politics for many years to come.

It is however important to differentiate between Brexit’s long-run impact, and the short term consequences of the vote itself and then any fallout from the negotiations, when they actually begin.

Whether you feel that Brexit will hit or help the economy over the next 10 or 20 years, Theres [...]

The TIMco Promise - To You...............

TIMco has always been about family, since Tim Midwood founded the company back in 1972 to his son Simon now leading the way in 2016. At TIMco this family ethos not only extends to our customers and employees but importantly provides the backbone as to how we act and behave as a company.

An illustration of this is how at the recent TIMco conference Simon spoke of the ‘TIMco promise’ - a simple proposition; to provide our customers with the tools that they need to sell more and provide better [...]

TIMco's store locator!

TIMco's store locator!

At TIMco we are always looking at ways in which we can support our independent customers whether by providing quality and trusted products or simply supporting their businesses with new initiatives or access to training and advice.

We believe this approach will not only help build links and relationships between ourselves and our customers but provide quick and easy access to products for end user customers.

This approach is not just a marketing strapline but is embedded into the culture of [...]

‘How to…’

Did you know that ‘How to’ is the most popular search term on the internet? With Google you can now find ‘how to…’ do almost anything through an array of YouTube videos, WikiHow guides or websites let alone blogs or comment boards.

Although the second most popular search term on the whole internet is actually ‘how to make pancakes’, DIY is also right up there in searched terms with a number of DIY dads apparently at home with all the right tools but just a lack of knowledge as to how best to [...]

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