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Work Experience at TIMco: National Mentoring Day

Work Experience at TIMco: National Mentoring Day This Saturday, October 27th, is National Mentoring Day. To mark the occasion, we’ve been thinking about the fantastic past and present individuals who have undertaken work experience with us and all that they bring to our business.

Construction Round Up

It’s been a busy few months for all of us at TIMco, and it seems that the rest of construction industry has also been moving at the same speed, with national days, news of increased business output and announcements of strategy changes for the Builders Merchant Federation. It’s been an equally busy period for the sector as it has for us, so we thought we would take a look at all that is happening in the industry right now.

Professional Darts Player Nathan Aspinall Sits Down With TIMco

Professional Darts Player Nathan Aspinall Sits Down With TIMco On Monday 17th September, Professional darts player, Nathan Aspinall, paid a visit to the our offices where he presented a signed shirt and gave our team an insight into his professional darts skills first-hand. Nathan wanted to say thank you to us for the sponsorship he received that helped him compete at the highest level throughout the year and also for our ongoing support.We have proudly sponsored Nathan for the past year, having been first introduced by his manager and promoter, Martin Foul [...]

Is the Future Female for the Construction Industry?

With the skills shortage a pressing industry issue, many construction professionals are exploring how encouraging women, a demographic who currently only occupy 14% of construction jobs, to join the sector could potentially tackle the skills issue. Although there are various reports and statistics, all research finds that there are significantly less women working in construction than there are men, despite trade jobs being a brilliant career path for all, regardless of gender. The good news is [...]

The Original TIMbag Just Got Better

The resealable and durable TIMbag has been ticking all the right boxes, especially for those who work on site. But, here at TIMco, we believe that there’s always room for improvement, so we went back to the drawing board and considered all the people who use the TIMbag and what they may need from the product. We came up with a new, fresh, innovative look that would better address these needs. So here it is, the original TIMbag that just got better.As well as it’s new image, the revamped TIMbag c [...]
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