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Control Your Stock – Don’t Let Your Stock Control You

Delivering great customer service is naturally one of the best ways for a business to stand out from the competition, yet maintaining excellent customer service can be challenging as it ranges from effectively managing customer orders right through to cleverly managing your stock.

Jack Of All Trades, Now Master Of All As Well

Having supplied builder’s merchants across the country for more than 40 years, we’ve noticed phenomenal change in the products sold as well as an ever evolving pattern of industry trends.One of the current trends seems to be for products to provide improved functionality and application. Not only is the industry demanding more multifunctional tools, with interchangeable accessories, but multifunctional fasteners and fixings to offer end users an ‘all-round’ product that can handle and deliver a [...]

Diamonds Are A Builder’s Best Friend…

The importance of choosing the right diamond blade.

Simply, a diamond blade is a cutting tool with exposed diamond particles captured in a metal matrix (or bond) with a small cutting edge. With a huge variety of diamond saw blades available, and with each blade designed for a specific application, the success of any diamond sawing operation very much depends on selecting the right blade for the job. It is key that the chosen blade i [...]

Scrutinising The Simple Screw

The trusty screw, a builder’s reliable friend that’s responsible for securing, fastening and generally holding the world together. But where did these magical little bits of metal first come from? Nobody knows for sure, but according to some they date back to Nebuchadrezzar II who reigned over the Neo-Babylonian Empire as far back as 605 BC!

Building A Reputation

Having worked with the building trade for more than 40 years, there’s one thing we know for sure and it’s that a reputation counts for everything. From the initial quote through to the finished work it’s all important and that’s why every screw, fixing or power tool accessory we provide has been stringently tested to ensure it meets the quality that our customers expect.
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