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The TIMco Team Tours Taiwan

The TIMco Team Tours Taiwan

Working across a global manufacturing and supply base undoubtedly has its challenges. However, with a view that “a process shared, is a problem halved” TIMco’s management team sent its UK Quality Control (QC) team to Taiwan to further their understanding of the manufacturing process in order to bring further improvements to the company’s quality controls. Here’s an insight into their recent trip.

The team flew to Kaohsiung to observe the screw making process and see first hand how the produc [...]

TIMco On TV…

A few weeks ago, DIY SOS hit our television screens with their most ambitious project yet. Nick Knowles and the team decided to knock down a whole street in Manchester and turn empty houses into homes for veterans.

As the project started it became clear that due to the scale of the job more volunteers and supplies were required, and it was then the team approached TIMco and asked if we could support in any way. We were honoured to get involved and become the project’s fastener and fixer supp [...]

How To.... Fix To Drywall or Plasterboard

It’s the handyman’s dread, being asked to hang something substantial from a drywall or plasterboard. If using a simple screw and raw-plug the plasterboard offers minimal strength to hang anything, even the smallest of picture frames.

This is where a metal cavity anchor can come in to play. The easy to use product adds strength to fixings and fastenings and allows a greater range of items to be hung from a drywall.

Metal cavity anchors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with those of a l [...]

TIMco Awarded Supplier Of The Year 2015

The National Buying Group (NBG) has awarded TIMco the title of ‘Supplier of the Year’ in the Painting, Decorating, Ironmongery, Hardware, Electricals & Fixings Category at this year’s prestigious awards ceremony. This is the second consecutive year that TIMco has won the award* and the fourth time since TIMco started supplying the buying group in 2011.

The national awards are designed to recognise excellence in the given category as well as the support and service the supplier offers to NBG’ [...]

How To..... Get The Floor Perfectly Level / Get The Most Out Of Interlocking Wedges...

How To.....  Get The Floor Perfectly Level / Get The Most Out Of Interlocking Wedges...

Getting the floor exactly level has now got that bit easier thanks to the development of clever, strong and easy to use interlocking wedges.

Working in pairs, interlocking wedges offer joiners and professional contractors a simple and convenient way to accurately achieve the correct level of timber battens. The first wedge is simply placed under the batten that needs to be raised while a second is then inserted so that the two angled surfaces are flush.

To raise the batten to a level positi [...]

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