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Keeping it in the Family!

Keeping it in the Family!

As a family run firm we look to ensure that family values are embedded in our every day practices. The reason being is that we believe a company with strong family values creates a better working environment but also a set of distinct advantages in a very competitive world.

By creating a great place to work, that’s underpinned with good values, also helps us both attract and retain staff. By retaining employees we believe that this in turn brings greater stability and continuity to the organ [...]

Creating The Right Atmosphere For China's G-20 Summit

As the world prepares for the forthcoming eleventh G-20 summit meeting in Hangzhou, China, what can we expect to see and will there be any impact on our Addax Range of power tool accessories as the government forces the closure of key factories in order to clean up their act in time for the VIP arrivals?

Hangzhou, a centuries-old city with a population of nearly 8.9 million, is the capital and largest city of Zhejiang Province. Located nearly 800 miles from Beijing, the historic and beautifu [...]

Why Merchandising Matters

Why Merchandising Matters

Whether we are shopping for a new suit or the tools of our trade, and if we realise it or not, we are continually surrounded by visual influences that have the potential to affect our buying decisions and the brands we choose.

Merchandising is big business. It is the way products are presented to us to attract potential buyers via techniques such as shelf location, displays, signage and promotional activity. Done well, merchandising is a clever blend of science and art; understanding the rig [...]

The TIMco Team Tours Taiwan

The TIMco Team Tours Taiwan

Working across a global manufacturing and supply base undoubtedly has its challenges. However, with a view that “a process shared, is a problem halved” TIMco’s management team sent its UK Quality Control (QC) team to Taiwan to further their understanding of the manufacturing process in order to bring further improvements to the company’s quality controls. Here’s an insight into their recent trip.

The team flew to Kaohsiung to observe the screw making process and see first hand how the produc [...]

TIMco On TV…

A few weeks ago, DIY SOS hit our television screens with their most ambitious project yet. Nick Knowles and the team decided to knock down a whole street in Manchester and turn empty houses into homes for veterans.

As the project started it became clear that due to the scale of the job more volunteers and supplies were required, and it was then the team approached TIMco and asked if we could support in any way. We were honoured to get involved and become the project’s fastener and fixer supp [...]

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